Advice On How To Keep Your Oakville Windows and Doors Safe From Home Invasion

Oakville residents take pride in their home and want to protect their home and their loved ones from unwelcome invasions. Installing a home alarm system can give you added security, but it is also crucial that you secure your windows and doors Oakville to protect your home from breaks ins. Inspecting your windows and doors can give you additional peace of mind.

In this article, we shall provide you with helpful tips and tricks to protect your home from unwanted home invasions. You will feel safe and secure if you simply follow these simple steps to secure your Oakville windows and doors.

Install Sturdy Locks That Are Easily Visible

 One of the best deterrents for a break-in is a sturdy lock that is visible from the outside. If a thief sees that your home is secured with a tough and sturdy lock, they will hesitate to attempt to enter your home.

You should take the time to invest in high quality locks that cannot be easily broken with a hammer or other such device. Consult a professional locksmith to find out which doors locks are the most secure. Thieves will not be tempted to try to pick a complicated lock. Never skimp when it comes to home protection.

Purchase Doors Without Windows

While doors with decorative glass can add aesthetic appeal to your home, they also place you at higher risk for burglary. If the glass windows is close to the lock, the thief could simply smash the window and reach inside to unlock the door.

For maximum security, you should opt for windowless entry doors. However, if you prefer doors with a window, install a decorative iron bar or reinforced glass for added protection.

Make Sure That Your Basement Windows Are Secure

Unlike second-story windows, basement-level windows provide easy access for a would-be thief as they are lower to the ground. As well, they are often located in the back area of your home, which allows the intruder to remain unseen.

A great way to secure your basement windows is by installing a Charley bar, which locks your window against its frame. This device makes it almost impossible for a thief to break in, as the potential intruder will not be able to completely open the window. A Charley bar is also helpful in the event that you should forget to close your basement windows or wish to keep them open for ventilation purposes as it will not interfere with home security.

As well, you can install horizontal bars as they act as a sturdy metal gate. They can also be judged to it any size window. Make sure that they are composed of solid steel and spaced about four to five inches apart for maximum security.

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